It’s here

NFC is already part of our lives. More than 100m people around the world will tap to pay for goods using NFC this year. The possibilities are only just being discovered and our patented technology gives your business a chance to join the wearable tech revolution.

It’s exciting

The power of our NFC wearable technology is in its style, its personality and its connection with people. Brands that want to communicate with customers, clients and staff can now do so in new ways. Our leading edge technology generates brand loyalty, keeps important information safe and secure and creates additional revenue streams for your business.

It’s interactive

People like to be part of something, especially something new and innovative. Our technology makes this possible by giving wearers access to the unique features that you choose – the possibilities are endless. Take the traditional festival band as an example. Integrating our technology into the band makes it infinitely more personal. It could grant access, hold exclusive content and messages from the festival holder or from the band itself. Wearers could load their own images and videos to it from the event or bands can connect with it to release exclusive tracks, ticket offers and breaking news to fans.

Inspire me to Customize

If you like what we are doing and think our brand of adaptable patented wearable solutions can add something different and valuable to your business then call us and speak to the experts. Here are just a few ideas for different markets:-

Kinder Care – Setting real activity parameters for youngsters with wearables and BLE. Putting Kiroco Technology on a child and keeping them safe.

Memorial – pull together a collection of photos and videos and put them in a time capsule that can only be viewed by friends and family when they touch their wearable to their mobile.

Schools – each student’s wearable could be used as their ID, proof of attendance, access to campus and specific rooms, pay for their lunches and drinks or store their reports, timetables and sports matches.

Want some more ideas on uses of NFC wearables? 

It’s Secure

Security is a customer’s number one priority but sometimes there are just too many passwords to remember. Kiroco’s patented wearable technology uses a higher level of encryption than many online banking systems. By using 256 bit encryption we add a tough new layer of security to mobile authentication that is more reliable than biometrics.

It’s Simple

There are no passwords for your customers to remember as all the clever stuff is hidden within their chosen piece of Kiroco patented wearable technology.  Once the piece has been registered to their phone a simple tap will launch the app.

Benefits of using Kiroco Technology

  • Additional level of security without over-complexity.
  • Ease of use – no password required, simple one-touch activation, no charging required.
  • Increased customer confidence increases profit potential.
  • Increased traction and market share for your brand.
  • Potential new revenue streams.
  • Additional security for sensitive data via the duallock app. 
  • The ability to send personalized brand messaging and notifications to your consumers.
  • Increased consumer perception of your brand being market leaders at the cutting edge of new technological advances.
  • Our wearables work with all Kiroco Technology Apps
  • A patented technology.


Cutting edge technology AND flexible applications for bespoke products.
We have the experience to customise to your requirements.

Imagine...Releasing exclusive videos that fans can access through their festival or concert wristband, or a memorial time capsule of photo and videos.

Is your business looking for a way into the wearables market?  We’ve spent years developing technology that can help brands like yours do just that. To take advantage of our research and development to explore new markets and opportunities call us today: +44 (0)7850 641461.

Do you want to enter the wearables market but don’t know how? Talk to us and explore the possibilities.