Secure, Organised Storage for Sensitive Data



Remembering all of the different username and password combinations that everyone confronts on a day-to-day basis in their online lives is an impossible task. Most people are resorting to saving this valuable and sensitive information by either making written notes, storing them in unprotected files on their phone, or just using the same, unsafe login details for everything! Duallock solves this problem simply and securely by giving users a stylish wearable accessory that acts as the key to the stored data.  With one touch of duallock to your phone, you can lock or unlock access to all of your codes, accounts, passwords, banking details and other sensitive data with the confidence of duallock using a high level of security.

Duallock provides secure, organised password storage for ordinary people with busy lives. Save your valuable login information using our mobile app and then securely lock your information away by tapping your phone against your duallock wearable device. Your duallock acts as a contactless digital key that you can wear at all times – its water proof, heat and cold resistant and never needs charging!  To access your secure information store, just tap your duallock to your unlocked phone. This simple process makes it quick and easy for you to retrieve all your passwords whenever you need them, and more importantly it makes it very difficult for someone else to steal them.

Is your business looking for a way to offer secure data storage to your customers using wearables?  We’ve spent years developing technology that can help brands like yours do just that. To take advantage of our research and development to explore new markets and opportunities call us today: +44 (0)7850 641461.