Medical History

Patients with medical conditions or life-threatening allergies can store all their important medical information in a simple tag, strap or band. In an emergency their up to date medical notes can be unlocked from their wearable ID via an NFC smartphone or NFC reader.


Records Storage

When patients travel between hospitals to undergo treatment at multiple centres their medical records can now travel with them. Storing clinic notes, scans and x-rays within a wearable band helps doctors and nursing staff to resume care as soon as the patient arrives, even when travelling overseas.


Data Transfer

Messages can be sent remotely to an app that can only be accessed by our patented technology. This allows medical staff to update information remotely, which can then be accessed securely by the patient or their carer by tapping their wearable ID to an app on their smartphone.


Direct Communication

Save on expensive and frustrating time wasting as a result of missed appointments or referrals by ensuring the right information gets to the right place on time – the information can be carried securely by the patient when they attend their appointment.  You also have the ability to send important notifications and appointment reminders direct to the patient via the app, adding brand value with authentic communication.


Emergency Patient Care

Front line medical staff both on the ground and in A&E can gain immediate access to vital life-saving information about the patient’s medical history, not just partial information via the NFC wearable, where all medical information such things as MRI’s, CT’s, test results etc can be stored and accessed.
This potentially creates a brand new, all-encompassing system that takes medical care into the digital age and beyond via our patented wearable technology.  This is a reassuringly simple solution with extra security – a truly wearable solution that generates the confidence your brand needs to create great traction.


Healthcare Insurers

In addition to all of the above healthcare benefits, providers of healthcare insurance can use the technology as your customer’s ‘Oracle’ for healthcare information. You can pass them information regarding rehabilitation care, dietary health and wellness advice directly into their hands. Giving them all the information they need to make healthy informed choices makes you stand out against the competition.

You can also send brand notifications and special offers direct to your customers via the app, which immediately adds brand value through authentic communication.  In addition, you can also offer such things as “recommend a friend” bonuses via the app as well as providing a notice board for activities and help forums for health specific advice and support and contact information for support groups etc.  The ability to use the technology to add extra security for banking and other payment apps is just another advantage for your brand.


Serious about Security

Security is a customer’s number one priority but sometimes there are just too many passwords to remember. Kiroco’s patented wearable technology uses a higher level of encryption than many online banking systems. By using 256 bit encryption we add a tough new layer of security to mobile authentication that is more reliable than biometrics.

So Simple

Adding an extra layer of security to your systems has never been easier. We do not supersede your security we just add to it. There are no passwords for patients to remember as all the clever stuff is hidden within their chosen piece of Kiroco patented wearable technology.  Simply tap any NFC enabled smartphone or reader to the patient’s wearable ID to access critical medical information. Different levels of access to information can also be set to ensure people only see the information they need.


Benefits of using Kiroco Technology

  • Life-saving information immediately available to front-line staff, irrespective of where they perform their duties.
  • All vital medical information available in one safe place.
  • Major cost savings opportunities – eg reduced financial loss resulting from missed appointments or missing information.
  • Increased customer confidence increases profit potential.
  • Real life-saving benefits to your patients or customers.
  • Real benefits and improvements to your systems.
  • Potential new revenue streams.
  • Additional benefits to your customers with added protection of sensitive data.
  • Ease of use – no password required, simple one-touch activation, no charging required.
  • Patient or customer recommendations and new social media opportunities.
  • The ability to send direct personalised brand messaging and notifications to your consumers.
  • Increased consumer perception of your brand being market leaders at the cutting edge of new technological advances and with their interests at heart.
  • Our wearables work with all Kiroco Technology Apps. 
  • A patented technology.


Cutting Edge Technology AND cutting edge development Costs

Imagine...Paramedics being able to access the medical information of a diabetic or pacemaker wearer in an instant from tapping a patient’s clearly identifiable NFC wearable.

Is your business looking for a way into the wearables market?  We’ve spent years developing technology that can help brands like yours do just that. To take advantage of our research and development to explore new markets and opportunities call us today: +44 (0)7850 641461.​


What if there was a wearable that gave medical staff fast access to a patient’s personal medical data and latest treatment in an emergency?  Our technology allows vast amounts of health data to be accessed in seconds from a wearable tag, strap or band.