The versatility of Kiroco Technology’s wearables allow you the option to choose how you want the wearable to benefit both your business and / or your customers.

From using wearables to gain access, to making a contactless payment, or from using as a new marketing channel to communicate directly to your consumers, to securely storing personal and private information. The choice is yours.

Below gives an idea of how different sectors could use our wearables:-

Charities – sell the wearables to generate an income, communicate to wearers about the charity and any news and events taking place. If it was a terminal illness charity allow people to store memories of their friends and family on the wearable to cherish at all times.

Gyms – access to gyms, programmes, tracking training outside the gym, send exclusive notification, news and member benefits.
Births, weddings and memorials – gather photos and videos together and collate into a time capsule. Gift to friends and family so they can share your memories like you.

Festivals – from using to gain access, communicate to attendees before, during and after the event, discounts, exclusive footage from the event, or for attendees to store their own photos and videos from the event. Purchase the wearable and get priority tickets following year.

Music bands and record labels – generate income from sales of wearables, send out exclusive messages to fans including video releases or the launch of an album prior to general public, or exclusive tracks for owners of the wearable. Priority tickets for events and exclusive footage after the event.

Sports clubs – generate an income from sale of wearable, send exclusive content including videos and interviews, match reviews, fixture lists, results tables, gives access to the grounds, priority for next seasons tickets
Fraternities and Alumni – to communicate to the members privately, store members’ private details, photos and videos, allow access to events, exclusively negotiated discounts.

Travel – use the wearable as an access provider, store travel tickets that can be validated by a reader as they board the transport. Have payment on the wearable and allow payments to be made when touch a reader. Store securely insurance documents, photo of passport, travel tickets.

Animals – dog tags that keep the entire pet’s medical records on, has a gps and owner details on should they get lost.

Government – to store information securely including passwords for computers. Access to designated areas. Register for attendance to meetings. Sending out private documents securely.

Kinder Care – Setting real activity parameters for youngsters with wearables and BLE. Putting Kiroco Technology on a child and keeping them safe.

Memorial – pull together a collection of photos and videos and put them in a time capsule that can only be viewed by friends and family when they touch their wearable to their mobile.

Schools – each student’s wearable could be used as their ID, proof of attendance, access to campus and specific rooms, pay for their lunches and drinks or store their reports, timetables and sports matches.

Online Dating– give secure place for correspondence to take place, personal information to be stored, provide GPS for security on a date.


Cutting edge technology AND flexible applications for bespoke products

We have the experience to customise wearables to your requirements. So if your business is looking for a way into the wearables market, we’ve spent years developing technology that can help brands like yours do just that.

To take advantage of our research and development to explore new markets and opportunities call us today: +44 (0) 7850 641461.