Why not bring your jewellery into the digital age and make your brand do so much more than it is currently doing?





New Opportunities 

Whether enhancing the sentiment of the jewellery with messages, photos or videos, using your jewellery to make contactless payments, accessing your private information securely using our duallock app or sending news and promotional offers to your customers via your own branded wearables, Kiroco Technology’s patented jewellery can do it all. 


Smart Jewellery

As master jewellers our heart will always be in retail, we understand more than most how important style is to the wearable tech revolution. Our technology allows both jewellery and fashion brands to gain a foothold in the rapidly evolving wearables arena.  With NFC enabled jewellery you can choose from a range of applications that include allowing your customers to store personal messages and photos, and sensitive data like passwords in the jewellery. You can also add real value to your customers and authenticity to your brand by sending special after-sales offers and notifications direct to your customers via the NFC jewellery that you sell.

Emotional Jewellery

Our technology was originally developed with the jewellery industry in mind. Jewellery is a personal gift that becomes even more powerful when it is loaded with personal messages, photos or video. If you are a retailer you can integrate our technology within your own products or we can design a product for you, enabling you both to market direct to your customers and generate greater brand loyalty and brand traction.

Brand Innovation

Our technology is being adopted by banks, medical companies and retailers who want to use jewellery for numerous reasons, including sending personal offers to customers or unlocking secure information. High street brands like yours can be at the forefront of this latest tech revolution by adding NFC technology to your jewellery and fashion products.  This makes your brand unique and stand out as a market leader against all of the other competition not yet into the wearables market.

So Simple

There are no passwords for your customers to remember as all the clever stuff is hidden within their chosen piece of Kiroco patented wearable technology.  Once the piece has been registered to their mobile a simple tap will launch the app.


Safe and Secure

Kiroco’s wearable technology also enables you to offer your consumers a safe place to store their sensitive data.  Most consumers store their personal and most sensitive data on their mobiles, so why not provide them with a more secure way to do this by offering them our duallock app to go with their piece of wearable technology?


Serious about Security

Security is a customer’s number one priority but sometimes there are just too many passwords to remember. Kiroco’s patented wearable technology uses a higher level of encryption than many online banking systems. By using 256 bit encryption we add a tough new layer of security to mobile authentication that is more reliable than biometrics.


Benefits of using Kiroco Technology

  • Jewellery becomes a more meaningful gift with so much more to it than just beauty.
  • Additional new benefits that increase uptake of your product.
  • Increased traction and market share for your brand.
  • Potential new revenue streams.
  • Additional security for sensitive data using the duallock app. 
  • Ease of use – no password required, simple one-touch activation, no charging required.
  • The ability to send direct personalised brand messaging and notifications to your consumers.
  • Increased consumer perception of your brand being market leaders at the cutting edge of new technological advances.
  • Our wearables work with all Kiroco Technology Apps
  • A patented technology.


Improve your business opportunities with wearable technology


Imagine...Wearable technology that allows customers to bring their jewellery to life by storing memories or allows you to keep in touch with your customer by opening up a new channel for sending offers and generating brand loyalty.  Our technology can do all this and more.

Would you love jewellery that does so much more than sparkle? Is your business looking for a way into the wearables market? 
We’ve spent years developing technology that can help brands like yours do just that. To take advantage of our research and development to explore new markets and opportunities call us today: +44 (0)7850 641461.