Mobile Phones

Kiroco Technology can be integrated into phone apps or sold as secure multi factor authentication jewellery alongside phones in store.

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Mobile Apps

Our NFC wearables open apps including password manager apps without having to create yet another password and without compromising on security. 

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Retail and Jewellery

Consumer loyalty has never been more on trend with offers and privileges sent direct to a customer’s wearable.

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Kiroco has launched K-pay, a range of contactless payment wearables. In today’s cashless society, we provide a new payment method that is as secure as a credit and debit card, but has the added benefit of quick and convenient payments. Our wearables make life more seamless by saving time as they don’t need charging, are inert, and are always ready to make a payment.

We are about saving time, being stress free, whilst keeping a customer safe and secure. Our designs are stylish and contemporary allowing the wearables to become an extension of  person’s lifestyle and a reflection of their personality.

Wearable Tech, Your Way

Kiroco Technology enables NFC technology to be held within a wearable. It could be a simple key fob or a beautiful bracelet.

Our Technology, Your Application.

​​​Unlock new opportunities with patented technology

From fashion to finance and sport to service providers, let Kiroco Technology take your business into the next generation.
Our powerful technology is hidden within wearables that can be customised to fit your brand and your application requirements. 
Kiroco is the company that introduced NFC enabled jewellery to the wearables market and we’re finding new applications for our patented technology all the time. We use a higher level of encryption than many online banking systems. By using 256 bit encryption we add a tough new layer of security to mobile authentication.

 Be Safe and Secure.

Inspire Me to Customise

Wearables are here to stay and our technology creates new opportunities for all sorts of businesses to get involved.

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About us

Developed by third generation, Award winning master jewellers, the aesthetics of wearable technology is at the heart of Kiroco Technology.

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We have developed a range of apps to integrate with NFC jewellery and smartphones that can be white labelled.

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Kiroco - Patented, Fashionable wearable tech including contactless payment wearables

Quick, convenient and stylish.

K-pay – contactless payment jewellery

How it works

A truly wearable product is at the heart of Kiroco Technology with many additional benefits.
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Banking and Contactless


Style and security come together as Kiroco Technology’s NFC jewellery creates a robust multi-factor authenticator for banking apps.

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Healthcare and Wellbeing 

By storing a patient’s allergy, health and critical medical information within NFC wearables it can be accessed quickly in an emergency.

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