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The opportunity for Pandora to go digital and make wearables stylish

Imagine a charm that holds a photo or a video of an unforgettable moment

Disclaimer: The Pandora digital charm and Pandora app have been produced by Kiroco for the sole purpose of showing Pandora how a digital charm works. They will not be released into the public arena. This URL is private and can not be viewed by the general public.

The wearable tech market is booming with sales forecast of $34billion in 2020. Pandora have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the rapidly evolving wearables arena by using Kirocos’ patented technology within charms and jewellery.

With NFC enabled jewellery you can choose from a range of applications that include allowing your customers to store personal messages, photos and sensitive data like passwords in the jewellery to making contactless payments with ease and convenience. You can also add real value to your customers and authenticity to your brand by sending special after-sales offers and notifications direct to your customers via the NFC jewellery that you sell.

Your customers are now looking for items that they carry with them to have a function and what better way than to bring Pandora charms to life,  having the possibility of a simple or multiple functions all in just one charm.

In a nutshell….the benefits of using Kiroco technology in Pandora charms

  •          Jewellery becomes a more meaningful gift with so much more to it than just beauty.
  •          Additional new benefits that increase uptake of your product.
  •          Increased traction and market share for your brand.
  •          Potential new revenue streams.
  •          Additional security for sensitive data. 
  •          Ease of use – no password required, simple one-touch activation, no charging required.
  •          The ability to send direct personalised brand messaging and notifications to your consumers.
  •          Increased consumer perception of your brand being market leaders at the cutting edge of new technological advances.
  •          A patented technology.