A new genre of jewellery has arrived – Digital Jewellery

The personal, emotion and sentimental value we associate with a piece of jewellery is now enhanced with technological developments by Kiroco, creating a new genre in jewellery.

Each piece of Kiroco’s digital jewellery incorporates an NFC chip with a unique code that is associated to the wearer. So whether the jewellery is being used for contactless payments, to store a photo and message or bank details and passwords, or to provide access to a festival or to store medical information, the jewellery is truly personal to the wearer.

Nigel Townsend, Kiroco’s Managing Director and a third generation master jeweller, said ‘Bringing this new genre of jewellery to the market has been our focus for the last five years as we wanted to make what we wear work harder and be more personal - whilst still being a desirable piece of jewellery to wear.’ He added ‘Our latest range of contactless payment bracelets encapsulate all these factors ’. 

Kiroco have established themselves as the first, and specialists in bringing this digital jewellery to the market with their patent portfolio specifically for NFC technology in jewellery.

Fiona Cartwright, Kiroco’s Sales and Marketing Director added ‘With our patents and knowledge we are now looking to offer other jewellery manufacturers the opportunity to enter the wearable technology arena which is forecast to be worth $34.2 billion in 2020. We offer both licensing or design and manufacture opportunities, with a range of different applications depending on a business’ requirement.’

Kiroco have recently designed and manufactured an NFC bracelet for Tap2Tag that could potentially save lives, providing personal medical data to first responders. Nigel highlighted “Our design had to encompass a unisex market, be durable to withstand being worn 24/7 and have a versatile fit for varying wrist sizes.’ 

Fiona concluded by saying ‘When your customers are looking to buy a piece of jewellery would they want analogue or digital jewellery that does that bit more!’