Safe and secure . For private messages . For storing personal and private information

About Kiroco

Kiroco jewellery
Every piece of Kiroco jewellery has an NFC chip embedded within the design. Our launch collection includes exclusive jewellery and accessories made of Sterling Silver, rhodium plating, wood, enamel and Swarovski Crystals and CZs.

In simple terms
A person registers a piece of jewellery to their smartphone which when they touch together will give access to the messages received from a friend or loved one. They can also access the information they store in their personal safe.

Kiroco technology uses the same security as online banking systems with multi factor authentication to ensure your information and messages are held securely. Should you lose your phone or your jewellery independently your information is safe.

Easy to use App
Just install the App from the Play Store , follow the simple instructions to either register an account (to send messages) or register your Kiroco jewellery (receive messages & use My Safe) and you’re ready go.

Send messages
Gift your friend or loved one a piece of Kiroco jewellery with a photo or video that they can view when they touch their jewellery to their phone. Send messages using the Kiroco App or via a web page.

Store personal information
The ‘My Safe’ feature allows you to store photos, emails, SMS messages, notes and private information like passwords, PIN codes, door access codes, private emails securely. No longer do you have to keep this sensitive information directly on your phone where they are at risk of theft and fraud.

There is no upper limit to the amount of messages you can receive or personal information that you can store.

The NFC technology currently works with Android smartphones. iOS smartphones will follow later in 2015.

Waterproof, shockproof, extreme heat and cold parameters
Our jewellery has been put through rigorous testing to ensure wearability. It can withstand temperatures of -20°C to +140°C.

No Charging Required
Kiroco jewellery doesn’t need any charging. Just wear and enjoy.